Many homes in Bradley County don't have drinkable water, but a million dollar grant could soon change that for over 100 families in the area.

County Mayor Gary Davis said over a million dollars is going towards installing eight miles of water lines in four parts of southeast Bradley County.

Local dollars will match a $525,000 Community Development Block Grant awarded through the state last week.

"Knowing what's in the water, taking the water and having it tested, you're like, yeah I'm not gonna drink that," said Heath Greene, who always stocks up on bottled water.

He lives in a rural part of the county where public utilities don't reach.

"The water is really hard," Greene said. "We don't drink it. We shower in it and wash dishes in it."

"If you have a well that's gone bad, and you're stuck, what options do you have?" asked Davis. "It was very much needed."

Crews will install over 8 miles of lines to serve 110 homes, including 58 homes on Red Hill Valley Road; 29 homes on Bucks Pocket Road; 11 on Wheeler Road; and 12 on Lower Chestuee Road.

"We have a long term goal of trying to get all of Bradley County provided public utility water," Davis said.

The new waterlines will also bring better fire protection to these rural areas through installing additional fire hydrants, said Davis. But the daily difference will be convenience.

"A lot of times it's just homeowners who have wells that have gone bad, and they're having to truck the water in, buy lots of bottled water and so forth," he said.

"If it rains hard or if it storms, you lose power and then you lose water," said Greene. "If the water goes out, you can't use the restrooms and stuff like that."

Although some of the preliminary plans on the new lines are in the works, it will take a couple years before construction is complete. Davis predicts the water lines will be running before February 2017.