We brought you a story nearly two weeks ago about Janice Smith who was scared to stay in her East Ridge home after a rash of burglaries left her without not only things but her sense of safety.

On Friday the East Ridge Police Department arrested Thomas Davenport in connection with the crime.

"It makes me feel like my prayers have been answered," said Smith.

Smith says she's experienced a whirlwind of emotions, from anger to fear, after her home was burglarized just weeks ago.

"I know the Lord has been keeping me and if it wasn't for him, I'd be crazy," said Smith. "I feel better that someone has been caught and hopefully this burglary stuff around East Ridge will stop."

She's trying to get back to her normal life. But don't let her smile fool you, she's learned a lesson from this experience and will still be on guard.

"I am very alert," said Smith.

And as for her make-shift alarm system.


"I think I'm going to take that down because I'm trusting and believing that the lord is going to take care of me," said Smith.

Smith says she would like to remain living in her East Ridge home after her landlord added a security door to make her feel safer, but she says she is still keeping her options open.