The Hamilton County Council of PTA's  held their 11th Annual Teachers Supply Depot on Saturday. 

When the doors opened at 8:30 Saturday morning, it kinda looked like Black Friday inside as teachers went room to room, stocking up on school supplies.

"Children are so important. The more we have to help them do their lessons the easier it is for the education to flow," said  Carolyn Labor, Ooltewah Middle School.

Thirty volunteers help stock 6 rooms filled with supplies for 300 plus teachers that signed up to shop until they dropped, for free school supplies 

"I teach biology and science. Illustrations help reinforced the lessons," said Adney Cross, Howard High School Teacher.

Adney Cross was one of the many teaches seen walking the halls with a 5 gallon bucket filled to the top.

"I am out of erasers. Students always need pencils and paper. It's always something," said Cross.

Groups of teachers were given 30 minute intervals to fill their buckets with as many materials as it could hold

"It is awesome to have communities and schools to work together because we really are a whole," said Labor.

This year, local community members and businesses raised $85,000 worth of supplies 

"We have some many donors. Some business, some personal donors who donate money or supplies," said Sherrie Ford, Supply Depot.

The Supply Depot Chairman says, the free supplies should help teachers focus energy on educating children instead of spending  their own money to purchase hundred of dollars worth of supplies.  

"Teachers need support. This is a way of saying that we are not alone or forgotten and when you are appreciated moral goes up when you have support," said Cross.  

If you would like more information about the Teachers Depot visit the Hamilton County Department of Education by clicking