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Crabs on Plane Delay Flight From LaGuardia: Officials

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NBC - A flight from LaGuardia Airport was delayed after crabs got loose in the plane's cargo hold, officials said.

US Airways flight 890 to Charlotte Douglas International Airport was delayed about half an hour Thursday night after live crabs that had been transported to New York City on the plane's previous voyage escaped their cages, a spokesman for the airline said.

Crews scurried to sweep the crustaceans out of the plane, which then continued safely to its destination.

Some passengers found the delay amusing and tweeted about the odd tarmac incident.
"Ladies and gentlemen your flight is delayed b/c a box of live crabs spilled out in the cargo bin during flight" @USAirways how is this real" - @Cscarcella

"Here's a new one. Flight delayed because box of live crabs broke open and cargo bay. Crew chasing around crabs now. @CorrieAHarding
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