Many schools have a dress code and some are more strict than others. But once a week, Tyner Middle Academy takes it a bit further, requiring their students to dress for success.  It's part of a new attitude at the school, aimed at boosting self-esteem, and test scores.

Principal Mark Smith and his staff give their well-dressed students the red carpet treatment.   Every student is greeted, and complimented for looking good.   It's a small gesture, but it makes a big difference in the lives of these students. Administrators started the weekly "dress for success" day to emphasize to middle schoolers that they'll soon be applying for college admission or jobs. 

Principal Smith and assistant principal Travis Miller say it's part of an overall tightening-up at Tyner.   For too long, they say, students have been promoted to high school without the skills needed to succeed.   They're beefing up reading programs to make sure that never happens again.

As the first quarter of the school year comes to an end, it's no longer unusual to see sharply-dressed students on the Tyner Middle campus.   It's part of a Tyner turnaround, that's making students smile.