The good thing about this crime is that no one was home. No one was in harm's way. However, that considered a bad thing. It reminds us our property and our castles are never completely secure. Not even in the middle of the day.

"Burglaries are occurring everywhere, right now," said CPD Property Crimes Sgt. Rebecca Shelton. And in this week's case, the homeowner did everything right yet still got hit. We hope your information can help bring the bad guys to justice.

It happened in a Brainerd neighborhood, last Friday afternoon. Sgt. Shelton explains how one suspect and his partner worked together. "He never did look at the camera," she said. "He knocked on the door. He was the lookout." This was a black male with short hair wearing khaki shorts and a white tank top.

He signaled his friend in a car you can see behind him in the photo taken from the homeowner's security camera. The friend goes around to the back of the house. Surveillance video from inside the residence shows how quickly and violently he made entry. "Mainly, burglary suspects," explained Sgt. Shelton, "that's what they're gonna do. They're gonna go and they're gonna knock on doors to see if anybody's there, at first. And they're gonna look-out. They're gonna see if neighbors are watching, if anybody is around, and then they'll have another one go around back and kick the door."

In this case, the bad guy took electronics equipment and a gaming system. It was a quick hit, and the duo high-tailed it. Have a good look at the surveillance pictures and video. The vehicle was a tan 4-door, possibly a Chevrolet. The suspect who entered the house was a black male with dreadlocks, pulled together in the back.

Up to $1,000 reward cash is available for your good tip and, chances are, other burglaries can be solved when these two are caught.

This case is an important reminder to us all to stay alert even at home, in the middle of the day. "Be on the lookout," said Shelton. "If you notice any suspicious vehicles, any suspicious people, please call the police department. Let us check them out. Or, if you have a Neighborhood Watch, send an email out to everyone on your list and let them know, because we can catch more suspects like that, burglary suspects or any other types of crimes, whether it's car burglaries, purse snatchers, or whatever, if we have neighbors or people that are on the lookout for anything suspicious. Just be aware of your surroundings."

We can help these two suspects spend their days behind bars and get you reward cash in the process. If you know them or have heard anything about the crime, or if you live in the neighborhood and spotted that tan car a few days ago, call Crime Stoppers: 698-3333

A police officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.