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Chattanooga business plays role in NBC's "The Blacklist"

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - “The Blacklist” as an NBC crime drama series that follows a former government agent turned high-profile criminal who has eluded capture for decades but voluntarily surrendered to the FBI, offering to capture a list of criminals who are considered impossible to catch.

Many watched the plot thicken Monday as the antagonist, known as “Berlin,” hints of a possible tie with the main character of the series, known as “Red.”

He plays a bad guy, known as “Berlin,” formerly of Russia's KGB and an escaped convict in NBC's “The Blacklist.”

“He's a bad guy or whatever. But he's still a cool guy and I think the hook actually accentuates his character,” Michael Fillauer said.

And while it accentuates his character, it also sheds light on the amputee community.

“I think it's great to be able to show amputees that there's life after an amputation, you can still do a lot of cool stuff,” he added.

The devices was made in Chattanooga, at Fillauer Orthotics and Prosthetics where Fillauer is president. He helped fit actor Peter Stormare for the number 5 hook, one of the most popular upper extremity prosthetics because the user can see around it.

“Amputees don't have a sense of feel in their hand, so even then they have a prosthetic hand, they can't feel what they're grabbing, so they rely on the visual feedback to see what they're picking up,” he said.

Fillauer gave Channel 3 a tour of the facility that manufactures all of its orthotics and prosthetics. It's also where Berlin's hook was made.

“It just works. It's a low maintenance, low cost device but it's extremely functional,” he added.

The actor that plays Berlin is not an actual amputee, he just plays one in the series.
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