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ONLY ON 3: New mother speaks out about meeting Catherine Goins for baby clothes

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CATOOSA COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Suspect Catherine Goins remains in the Catoosa County Jail without bond. She's charged in the murder of 30-year-old Natalia Roberts. Deputies say Goins killed Roberts to take her 3 week old newborn as her own.

Officials say Goins lured Roberts to a Ringgold home last Friday, on the promise of free baby clothes. Deputies would not say how the two women met, they would only say they met for the first time earlier that day. 

Investigators say Goins then shot Roberts in the back of the head with a .380 caliber weapon as she was walking down the stairs. She then took off in a car with Roberts three year old daughter and three-week old. 

Officials say she brought the children back to the crime scene when her ex boyfriend asked her to. Goins was believed to have been living a lie, claiming she was pregnant, her boyfriend had recently broken up with her when he found out that she wasn't.

Last week, we introduced you to a young mother who had a close call with Goins three weeks before Natalia Roberts was murdered. Now another new mother has come forward telling Channel 3 Eyewitness News she and her newborn son met Goins several times for free baby clothes.

This new mother too afraid to be identified tells channel 3, says the day Goins was arrested was exact date she had told people she was scheduled for a C-Section. The mother says she first met Goins in a parking lot back in August after seeing her ad for free baby clothes on Craigs list.

"She said she was having a boy and she had doubles and triples of everything and so she wanted to do the nice thing and pay it forward to other moms and help them out with what she could,:" said the mother.

The mother tells Channel 3 Goins told her she was facing her pregnancy alone, she says she talked about needing help herself and most importantly needing friends

"She had claimed that she had a C-Section scheduled and that she didn't have a baby sitter for her 14-year-old so she was wanting to know if I would stay at her apartment in Hixson, TN to keep her 14-year-old while she was having this supposed C -section.

This new mom says she was going to return the favor until the relationship took a desperate turn....

"It was too pushy, it was everyday 'can we do to lunch, can I come over, can you come over or can I come see the baby?' there's probably 50 or 60 emails since August and it was everyday asking can I do this, can you do this."

As soon as she saw Catherine Goins on the news, this mother says she immediately turned over those emails to the Catoosa County Sheriffs Department.

"I had a panic attack when it showed up on the website. I just couldn't believe she would push it that far and she had obviously been planning that week for a long time because that's when she was saying 'oh i'll be in the hospital for a few days' trying to get a baby sitter and stuff," said the mother.

The mother tells Channel 3 Goins also had an ad out on Craig's List for a new moms club. She says she hopes this story will encourage anyone else with a similar experience to call the Catoosa County Sheriffs Office.

Catoosa County Sheriff Gary Sisk says due to a court order he can not comment on the investigation surrounding Catherine Goins. However the Sheriff did say that he too is encouraging anyone who thinks they might have had a similar encounter with Goins to report it.

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