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Ironman competitor raises money to help deaf community

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Only 48 percent of deaf individuals received effective communication during their most recent visit to their doctor.  One man is hoping to raise that statistic by raising awareness while riding his bike.

Casey Davis came up with an idea to develop a website for the deaf community after realizing the lack of care they were able to get because of the language barrier.

His website is designed to help educate the deaf on symptoms, medications and even how to understand medical tests.

Davis has traveled more than 3,000 miles on his bike and with every spin of his wheel, another person knows his cause.

It's a simple website, but it's got a big message.

"It's a resource they can go and find out about diabetes, high blood pressure, in their language. Learn about medicines, how to take them and what they're used for,” said Davis.

While it may seem like general information, it's something Davis says many in the deaf community don't know.

"Some deaf were tested in Chicago and 50 percent couldn't identify chest pain as a symptom of a heart attack more than 60 percent couldn't identify symptoms of a stroke," said Davis.

Some hospitals and doctors' offices aren't giving them the tools they need to communicate.

"I found that there were very few providers that actually used sign language with their patients and found that there were no internet resources," said Davis.

He launched the website in 2008 and six years later, they've seen 1 and a half million page views.

This website is changing the statistics.

"96% report having a better understanding after viewing the topics on deaf health," said Davis.

The site costs thousands to run and he hopes to raise $25,000 by the end of the Ironman to help fund it.

But even if they don't raise it all, he says there is a bigger goal.

"The money is secondary, the awareness is primary," said Davis.

Davis says they've raised about $18,000 so far.

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