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50 Murray County dogs rescued by relocating to other states

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MURRAY COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - More than 50 dogs at the Murray County Humane Society will soon have a new home thanks to a non-profit organization that helps relocate animals in hopes of finding them a permanent place to live.
About 350 animals will go from North Georgia to the Greenville Downtown Airport Friday night.
It'll be the largest animal rescue in South Carolina history, made possible by the help of volunteers from one local humane society.

"We just kept sending picture after picture with their bios," said Murray County Humane Society Director Angela Micik, "And they said, "OK, that one, we'll pick that one," it was just a random selection."
They were picked at random until the Murray County Humane Society had more than 50 dogs signed up to go.
Volunteers will drive the dogs to the Greenville Downtown Airport in South Carolina. From there, they will fly or drive to a handful of other states across the country.

"Just life or death for these guys," said Humane Society volunteer Angelique Judy, "To either languish here, they're fed and they're happy but it's not a home, so it means the world to us that they're going to get to go."

Animal Aid USA chose about one third of all dogs at the Murray County Humane Society.
It's a non-profit organization that relocates animals in order to find them a permanent home.
Without its help, Micik believes the dogs would otherwise stay at this humane society forever.

"We have a hard time with some of our pets, adopting them locally," she said.

But other cities have the need and resources, and most of the dogs already have an adoptive home lined up.

"These animals will experience what a home feels like, what having a family feels like."

It's the first time the Murray County Humane Society was ever given the opportunity to do something like this, and they hope it's not the last.

"I thought, oh this is going to be a once in a lifetime opportunity," Judy said, "But it looks like, through generous donations, that we're going to possibly be able to make this an every year event."

Volunteers are taking the dogs to the airport around midnight on Friday. Once there, more than 50 planes will take them and the other rescue animals to cities across the country.     

The pilots and planes, and all equipment necessary, was donated through the Pilots N Paws pet rescue organization.

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