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UPDATE: Butch Jones asks Vol fans to #CheckerNeyland Saturday

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Neyland Stadium checkered, much like the end zones. photo Neyland Stadium checkered, much like the end zones. photo

UPDATE: UT's Head Football Coach Butch Jones tweeted Sunday, "#VolNation you asked for it, now let's make it a reality!!! "

And after the Vols 35-32 loss to the Georgia Saturday, Coach Jones said moving onto the Gators is important.

(NBC Sports) - Any stadium can have fans dress in one single color for a game. Heck, some schools have mastered the art of “striping” stadium.

Forget about all of that.

The next step in the evolution of fan color coordinating could, or should, take place at Tennessee. The school itself has not cooked up a plan just yet but it seems fans are looking to take it upon themselves to get it organized.

The goal is to drape Neyland Stadium in an orange and white checkerboard pattern similar to the signature end zone design for the October 4 home game against Florida.


Fans are encouraged to visit a website, enter their ticket information and be told which color they should wear.

The entire plan is being organized by two Tennessee fans, web developers Tim McLeod and Jonathan Briehl.

McLeod tells College Football Talk he was about to contact Tennessee's athletics department about the idea but word of mouth starting blowing up among Tennessee fans before he got the chance to do so.

The whole idea came from a tweet from graphic designer Spencer Barnett, who took note of Oklahoma's recent attempt to stripe their stadium.

There should be plenty of time for this idea to gain steam before next week's game against the Gators. Here's hoping it comes together, because this would be one awesome sight to see.

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