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Man Loses Life in Fire, Called a Hero for Saving His Brother

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WALKER COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Firefighters are calling one young man a hero after he died saving his younger brother from a fire.

We're learning more about the fire that killed 27-year-old Andrew (Andy) Benson. It started inside a mobile home on Crestview Circle in Rossville, GA early Sunday morning. Officials say Andy died after helping to get his younger brother out of danger.

Neighbors say given how involved the fire was before anyone made it out, it's a miracle anyone survived.

"Huge hero, both of them are, if Andy wouldn't have woken him up, Steven would be in there also," said neighbor Sarah Lucas.

Walker County Fire Chief Randy Camp says it was just after 4 o'clock in the morning, when Andy Benson somehow woke up to thick black smoke filling the air.

"That type of smoke will put you in a deeper sleep, a lot of people don't realize they think of cigarette smoke and how it bothers them and things like that but actually the carbon smoke from fires will put people in a deeper sleep," said Fire Chief Randy Camp,

Fire investigators say through intense smoke and heat Andy made it to another bedroom to wake up his younger brother Steven. Neighbors tell Channel 3, Steven was disabled from an accident years ago.

"He (Steven) thought Andy was right behind him," said Lucas. "When he realized he wasn't he tried going back in but the flames took over."

Fire Fighters say the 23-year-old tried to go back in, he cut up his arms breaking through windows but it was too late.

"To me they saved each other, they did the best they could," said Lucas.

Neighbors say it's his ultimate sacrifice for brotherly love that will always inspire them.

"He was definitely a hero by getting his brother up and getting him out the door," said Fire Chief Camp. "It's just a tragic loss to lose anybody."

Fire Chief Randy Camp tells Channel 3 the Red Cross in Rome, Georgia is helping the surviving brother and his mother. Investigators believe the blaze started in a back bedroom. They say Andy's body was found lying in a doorway. The cause of the fire is still under investigation.

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