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Graffiti fighting granny

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 A quest to tag the taggers defiling her neighborhood with graffiti puts a Nevada woman in the spotlight. 

The 72-year-old uses a flashlight to shine a light on the so-called "artists" who are using north Las Vegas as a canvas. 

Mary Alice Esparza is called the "Graffiti Grandma."

She leaves her house at night, with a flashlight hunting down the alleged teenagers who she says vandalize the city streets.  

For Esparza, the nightly graffiti patrol is personal, after taking more than 30 years to build a life for herself there.

Mary Alice Esparza, fighting graffiti,  "It hurts me, and it makes me really really angry, no respect for where they're at or why doing it it's beyond me."

Esparza calls the police if she sees them in the act.  She says it's not that she dislikes the kids who "tag", she says she has compassion for them.

But says many of the kids don't have support at home and do this in order to pass the time.  But she says a home needs to be treated with respect. 

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