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Forever Family: Jessica, Angela and Kayleigh

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Eleven-year-old Jessica, 8-year-old Angela, and 7-year-old Kaleigh can play together for hours.  And they get along, most of the time.

As the oldest, Jessica watches out for her sisters and plans to be there for them.

Jessica is already excelling in band.  She loves playing the clarinet but she has other plans as well.

Jessica, " I still want to be in band, till I'm in high school but then I want to stop and go on to be an engineer when I grow up."

Jessica is intelligent and pushes herself in academics, but she wanted us to know more about her sisters.

Angela is in 3rd grade and is a bit of a girly girl.  She likes animals, but is not a sports person. 

Angela does enjoy dancing. playing and  hula-hooping, she is a social butterfly.

Kayleigh is a ball of energy and very athletic.  Jessica says Kayleigh likes dancing, playing outside and playing sports with her.  

The ideal forever family for these girls will be parents who are active and able to provide structure and support.  Parents with enough love to help these sisters reach their full potential.
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