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Colleges Fail to Deliver Real-World Career Prep, Survey Says

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NBC - Colleges not preparing students for the workforce has been the perception for a long time—but now there's data to back that up.

A Gallup-Purdue University study describes a huge disconnect between what college presidents think students need to launch successful postgraduate careers and what the schools are actually delivering.

The survey of more than 30,000 students, tackled topics such as internship experience, availability of mentors, enthusiastic teachers, special projects and extracurricular activities.

The good news: Three-quarters of all business majors said they had a paid job or internship during college. The bad: Only 23 percent of them believed they were able to apply what they were learning in the classroom. On average, less than a third of undergraduates say they had an internship which reflected their course of study, and there's concern the numbers will go lower.

"I consider that a monumental failure," said Gallup Education Executive Director Brandon Busteed, who says business leaders have been expressing serious dissatisfaction over how qualified new graduates are for entry-level jobs.

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