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Cheerleaders bring prayer back to Tennessee high school

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After Oneida High School found out they had to drop the prayer from their football games, many in the community felt they were missing something. The change came after a ruling by the TSSAA.

One group couldn't let that stand. That group has one of the biggest voices during a football game. It's the cheerleading squad.

Kevin Acres sits in the booth for every Oneida High School home game. This year, his repertoire will be missing something-- the pregame prayer.

"Far as I know we have been playing football here since 1930 and been praying ever since," said Acres.

A couple of years ago, TSSAA asked schools to stop announcing prayers over the PA, but Oneida bucked the order and kept the prayer in the pre-game.

"We just felt as long as no one here locally complained, we can continue to do it," said Acres.

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