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Bradley Co. Commission votes to adopt new codes

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BRADLEY COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -  Law required cities and counties to have codes within seven years of the current standard which is 2015.

In Bradley County, code goes back to 2006 and commissioners noticed time was running out to update them or face being mandated by the state, which can be pretty costly.

Neighborhoods like Silver Springs in Cleveland are growing.

“Construction hasn't really slowed down in Cleveland, we were lucky. It did hit some. We're not building as quickly as we were, but we're still building,” Charlotte Peak said.

As construction continues, Bradley County Commissioners have to make sure buyers are getting quality homes that are safe.

“We're not going to adopt anything that would hinder construction,” Peak added.

When commissioners were looking at updating the county's energy code, they noticed the 2012 version came with a lot of changes, which came as a red flag for District 4 Commissioner Charlotte Peak.

She's also a licensed contractor in Bradley County and is involved with a number of local home builder associations.

“So, just because state code says we have to do it, we don't get the appraisal value for that so if we can't get the appraisal value for that, the bank can't give us the money to do the codes that are required,” she said.

That's why the commission voted to adopt the 2009 Energy Code and the 2012 Building Code… which matches codes with the city.

“It doesn't matter if you buy in the county or the city, if you're buying a new home, you can expect the same quality and the same standards in each home,” Peak said.

To keep builders and homeowners on the right track in this growing community.

There is now a 90 day period for the public to educate themselves about the changes.

When that period has ended, the Commission will adopt the new codes.

They will go into effect on January 1, 2015.
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