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50 cats still needing rescued from Walker Co. home

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CHICKAMAUGA, GA (WRCB) - Dozens of cats are still needing rescued from a North Georgia home after animal control officials discovered 230 of them at a Chickamauga residence a week and a half ago.

But the owner tells the Georgia Department of Agriculture she still wants to care for cats and obtain a license to operate a rescue.

The GDA cited cat owner Megan Miller for more than a dozen violations of Georgia's Animal Protection Act, and immediately shut down Miller's home facility for operating a rescue without a license.

"It hasn't been right for about two years, but it just started stinkin' within the last few months," said Cheryl Currie, who lives across the street from the home.

Neighbors complained to animal control officials that the smell of pet urine was taking over Carolyn Drive in Chickamauga.

More than 50 cats still need picked up from the residence, and Currie said the smell is still making her sick.

"I've had a a dull headache, sometimes it's a terrible headache, and I'm sure it's from smelling that," she said.

The GDA cited the owner for 16 violations of the state's Animal Protection Act. Channel 3 obtained copy of their report from September 4 via an open records request.

Miller told GDA officials she was "rescuing cats." The GDA immediately issued a stop order for operating a rescue without a license.

According to Walker Co. Animal Control, it started with Miller rescuing a few cats after Hurricane Katrina, and multiplied out of control.

In GDA's report, animals were found inside the home and in crates throughout the property, some with "little to no ventilation." The report points out the cats were denied "humane care" and sanitary conditions.

"It smells bad even over on the other side of the hill. There's about 10 families, 10 homes here, that are having to smell this," Currie said.

"It smelled like pet urine. I was trying to figure out how my dogs were doing that," said another neighbor.

Thirty cats were euthanized. Many of them had feline AIDS, leukemia, worms and other infections. The GDA is giving Miller 90 days to correct the violations before she can apply for a rescue license.

No criminal charges have been filed against owner. She's being allowed to keep 20 cats. GDA says they're working with several rescue groups to pick up other cats that are still on the property.

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