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FIRST ON 3: Local veteran building damaged

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RED BANK, TN (WRCB) - The Red Bank Police Department is investigating a hit and run. No one was injured but a local veteran-owned building needs a lot of repair after monuments in front were knocked down. 

One honoring 911 victims and the other dedicated to all military personnel who served during the Korean, Gulf, Vietnam, World War I and World War II.

Broken brick and chipped pieces of stone surround the Disabled Veterans of America Chapter 6 building. It's still a mystery what happened earlier this month. A broken headlight and skid marks left behind led investigators to believe a vehicle hit it.

The buildings front doors are closed for now, they're usually open once a month to offer local disabled veterans a free ride to the doctor's office or answer questions about service benefit paperwork.

Terona Schivers a disabled Vietnam veteran wants the damage fixed sooner than later.  He looks forward to receiving support from those who understand what he has been through.  

He says, “we meet the first of every month, communicating with others who have been through similar experiences helps sometimes. That is what we do here, we talk even laugh about what we have been through.”

They are trying to raise funds to pay for the insurance deductible to fix the damage. The Disable American Veterans  Chapter 6 is accepting donations. 

You can send a check to 619 Memorial Dr. Chattanooga 37415

Their contact numbers are 423- 400-7338 and 423-842-6665.

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