A new fitness center is up and running in Grundy County and trainers are pledging to help make people who live in the county healthier.

Tenacity Adventure Fitness takes a different approach to losing weight to reach an audience that a recent study shows, needs it the most.

 "I've seen a bunch of articles that talk about Grundy County being one of the more unhealthy counties in the entire state and maybe even the nation," said owner Micah Sparacio, "And I just want to do something positive in Grundy County."

Sparacio always found a passion for health and fitness but his county ranks last in the state when it comes to quality of life related to health.


That's according to a recent
County Health Rankings Study
done by the University of Wisconsin.

"My sense is that it's going to catch on because we're doing fun stuff," Sparacio said.

 To kick-start his neighbors into exercise, Sparacio created his version of NBC's Biggest Loser contest. Monday is day one of the 13-week program and more than 50 people have accepted the challenge.   "I wanted to give, create an opportunity and incentive just to get people started with fitness," Sparacio said, "And to give them the tools that they needed to be able to do that."

The gym is designed to be more like a playground for adults, but the biggest loser boot camp classes will focus on light weights and cardio to give beginners an introduction into fitness.

"The healthy part is what I'm interested in," said Biggest Loser contestant Lucille Scisson, "To change the eating habits, improve the exercise, the physical strength."

Contestants each get a fitness plan, nutritional classes, and take classes to reach their goals together.

"And I'm here, and I'm going to stay through and I'm going to lose some weight," Scisson said, "My plan is to get healthier and to look better."

And to give people in Grundy County a better headline for future stories on health and fitness.

"My goal is to see some people's lives transform," Sparacio said, "To see some people find success with fitness and keep it going."

Tenacity Adventure Fitness also heard about the fire that burned down the home of Grundy County Coach Brad Dees.

The fitness center is donating $10 of every $50 member fee for the Biggest Loser contest to the Dees family.