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World War II veteran relives memories while touring the USS LST 325

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Leave it to Chattanooga to set a record for an old World War II ship.

That's exactly what the city did with ticket sales on the USS LST 325 ship.

More than 6,000 stepped on board the floating museum this weekend.

None prouder to show off a piece of naval history, than a local World War II veteran.

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"I hadn't seen this ship but I rode two just like it," said Henry Farley, Private First Class.

Farley has seen a lot in his 91-years.

Few memories are as fresh as those from his three years in the army.

"It kind of hurts a little," said Farley.

On Saturday he sees the landing ship tank through tears as he remembers war.

"It was rough," said Farley.

Farley says he was in Normandy on D-Day and his battalion flanked the Germans.

"We went down an old muddy river behind Germany after they ran them off the beach," said Farley. "We got in behind Germany, finally caught up with them at the Rhine river and they blew the bridge up."

All of those war stories, linked by one vessel and those stories, those emotions, make it worth it to the current crew aboard.

"When I have a veteran that comes and has a little tear in his eye, that's a whole year's pay," said Captain Robert Jornlin.

As for Mr. Farley, he says he would do it all again.

"Well to save this country I would."

This landing ship tank carried equipment to the beaches on D-Day.

It is permanently located in Evansville, Indiana but goes on tours. This tour left Indiana at the end of August and will return on September 21.

Chattanooga is one of two cities on the list. 

Local tours at ross' landing will be going on through the 17th.

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