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New Bloodhound donated to STARS after loss of search dog

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TRENTON, GA (WRCB) - There is a heart-warming update to a story Channel 3 first told you about last month.

The Hamilton County Special Teams and Rescue Services, or STARS, lost one of their own in August. Its beloved search dog, a Bloodhound named Karma, was hit and killed on Woodland Drive, while the team was looking for a lost child, who was later found safe. The STARS crew now has a new addition to the team all thanks to a young Dade County girl.

"Karma was a special dog and she'll always have a place in our heart. As a matter of fact, we've retired her number, which is 2157," says STARS Chief Clay Ingle.

The loss of Karma affected more people than just the STARS team.

"I was watching TV on Channel 3 and I saw about Karma," says Lexi Wallin.

Lexi Wallin knew there was a way to help and immediately asked her grandmother and mother one question: "Can we donate one of our puppies?"

More specifically, Rosie the Bloodhound. When Lexi learned of Karma's passing, it just so happened she had nine new Bloodhound puppies to take care of and she knew she had to help the STARS crew by giving them Rosie.

STARS Chief Clay Ingle says as soon as his team got the call from Lexi and her family, they did not waste anytime on planning to adopt her into their family.

"Rosie is going to be a special part of our team too," says Ingle.

Ingle says plans were already in the works to bring on another Bloodhound, so now the team will be even stronger. 

"Now we'll actually go from having one K-9 to having two. Both of them will be Bloodhounds. One will be professionally trained, and one will be team trained," says Ingle.

"I'm very excited. I'm very hopeful that she'll be a great rescue dog," says Lexi's mom, Deanne.

Deanna says she is proud of her daughter's selfless act.

"I'm just glad that I acted upon her wish because a lot of times adults don't take kids seriously. And she truly want to do something sweet. And there is good in the world," she says.

"Rosie will go to a good home," says Lexi.

STARS named Lexi an honorary member of the team and can not thank her enough.

"She's coming out and she's donating this dog, which one day will save a life," says Ingle.

'Nosey Rosie,' as they have nicknamed her, is just 8-weeks-old. STARS says it will take at least a year to properly train her. 
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