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Police team up with business owners in Southside District

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  Police Lieutenant Tammy Cook is responsible for Chattanooga's Southside district.

“Because of the shooting, we started looking at it closer to say what can we do differently to keep this from happening again,” Cook said.

She is working with business owners to help keep incidents, like last week's shooting that killed one and hurt two others on Market Street, from happening again.

“If they're not going inside any of the clubs downtown, they don't need to be camping out at any of the business lots after hours,” she said.

Cook says young crowds are the biggest problem because they aren't old enough to get into Chocolate City Lounge nearby.

“What they wind up doing is hanging out in their cars in some of the vacant parking lots,” she added.

Business owners along the 18-hundred block of Market Street are now making their parking lots off limits by posting no loitering signs and no trespassing signs.

Cook says officers will be stepping up their patrols throughout the area as well.

If people are found loitering, officers will first issue a warning, then a citation and then can arrest anyone who doesn't comply.

She also says the owner of Chocolate City Lounge has increased the age from 21 to 25.
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