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Boyd-Buchanan Marching Band

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Breanna Dotson and her flaming batons Breanna Dotson and her flaming batons

We had a great time with the marching band at Boyd-Buchanan! From the stands for us, they played Michael Jackson's "Thriller." It is the closer in their halftime show entitled: "A Dark Night."

Director Jeremy Womack, in his 10th year with the group, tells us, in keeping with the dark idea, the show includes the theme from the 1989 Batman movie by Danny Elfman. Also in there are the theme from The Nightmare Before Christmas and a piece by My Chemical Romance called "Welcome to the Black Parade."

Womack says he has a group of particularly hard workers, this year, who take great pride in what they are doing. They had a great band camp this year, and not just because the temperatures were so mild!

The band took a big trip, last year, to Chicago. So, this year is an off year for travel, but they are planning the annual, big fundraiser for the spring called Jazz Lights. Keep your antenna up for this one. The Boyd-Buchanan Jazz Band provides entertainment for this big dinner with proceeds going to the program and their next big trip!

If you get to see this group perform, be sure to keep an eye out Brenna Dotson. She is the lone majorette, in her third year with the group, and has upped the ante every year. This season, she's twirling THREE flaming batons!

Congratulation to the Buccaneers from Boyd-Buchanan, our Friday Night Football band of the Week!

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