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Anonymous visitor awards $100 to every teacher at Ganns Middle Valley

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Teacher Jennifer Fields Teacher Jennifer Fields
CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Teachers at Ganns Middle Valley Elementary School say their lives have been touched by an angel.  A mysterious visitor has spread good cheer, and big money to every teacher in the building.  

A local woman, who wishes to remain anonymous has brightened the lives of every teacher at the school with words of encouragement, and a handful of hundred-dollar bills.

Principal Allyson DeYoung couldn't believe her ears when the woman announced her intentions. Describing herself as only as "a friend of education," she gave no indication why she chose Ganns.  "But we're glad she did," Mrs. DeYoung said.

Classroom by classroom, each teacher got a knock on the door, and a pleasant surprise: a one-hundred dollar bill, with no strings attached.  Second grade teacher Jennifer Fields said, "She just pulled out some money, and told each of us how much she appreciated our work.  I didn't know what to say."

First grade teacher Jennifer Rodgers said, "I'm not sure how you say thanks, all I can do is do the best work I can do.  I appreciated it very much." 

The money was great, for sure...but the words of encouragement meant just as much.


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