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UPDATE: Judge to rule in evidence in accused murderer Hollingsworth hearing

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - UPDATE: Judge Rebecca Stern heard arguments Monday to decide what specific evidence and testimony will be presented to jurors in the murder trial of Adolphus Hollingsworth, charged in the 1997 death of his wife, Vicky Carr.

Stern will allow the testimony Orville Hughes, a family friend of Vicky Carr, says there was "a lot of violence" in the relationship between Carr & Hollingsworth.

 Channel 3 reporter Sara Sidery is in court following the proceedings @SaraSideryWRCB

PREVIOUS STORY: The man accused in a 1997 Chattanooga murder case was back in court Thursday. Adolphus Hollingsworth, 44, is charged with murdering his wife, Vicky Carr (Hollingsworth). It was a cold case for 16 years until police arrested him back in January.

Hollingsworth's public defender, Steve Brown, asked the judge to throw out evidence involving a warrant to search his home, arguing there wasn't enough to connect Hollingsworth to Carr's disappearance or murder at the time.

"This isn't a murder investigation, it's a missing persons investigation at that point," Brown told Judge Rebecca Stern.

The search happened just two days after Hollingsworth's estranged wife went missing, but police had several pages worth of reasons why they believed that search was necessary.

"There's more than enough reasonable conclusion for probable cause for it to be issued," said District Attorney General Neal Pinkston.

The state pointed out that Carr's family did suspect foul play involving Hollingsworth after they reported her missing the next day.

Hollingsworth did not report Carr missing right away, however. He called several people saying he was looking for her, and claimed she never picked him up for work that morning.

A neighbor on 4th Avenue told police that she overheard an argument around the time Carr usually gave Hollingsworth a ride.

"She heard a female say, give me my 'blank' keys, and then minutes later hears a vehicle leave," Pinkston said.

"There's no indication whatsoever there was any kind of disturbance that morning at Mr. Hollingsworth's home," argued Brown.

The search warrant affidavit mentions Carr previously tried filing an order of protection against Hollingsworth, but was told she needed more evidence against her estranged husband.

Carr's former boss at Chattanooga Housing Authority told police Hollingsworth was "very possessive" of Carr and called her all the time.

"You can reasonably draw conclusions that stuff would be at that location, based on the relationship of the parties," Pinkston said.

"I don't think from these facts that are stated in the affidavit or the supporting police report, that there is a sufficient nexus alleged," said Brown.

Judge Stern will decide whether or not to allow the search warrant-related evidence next week. The trial is set for November 4.

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