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Allergies easy to confuse with new virus

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HAMILTON COUNTY, TN (WRCB) -  The Entero Virus we've been reporting on is now showing up in 12 states.

It strikes mostly kids and is especially bad for those with Asthma. It starts off as a cold and it gets bad fast, leaving children gasping for air.

But wheezing and sneezing are also conditions common among those of us who suffer allergies and here in Chattanooga, ragweed counts have been higher than normal lately.

With the ragweed count reaching into the mid 70's on Wednesday, if you or your kids suffer from allergies, you may have felt it.

Many parents are already on high alert when it comes to repertory problems with this new virus that's hit several states in our region.

Some doctors say it's just a matter of time before it reaches Tennessee. There is no cure for the virus. The only thing doctors can do is treat it's symptoms which is causing many parents to worry.

Channel 3 sat down with a nurse practitioner with the Pediatric Night Clinic at the Beacon Health Alliance who says it's easy for parents to confuse allergy symptoms with those of something more serious.

“The kids are going to be quite sick and it's going to happen pretty quickly and we see that with the flu too, just the general flu. The kid will be find one minute and very sick the next,” Bonnie Freeland said.

Freeland suggests to pay close attention to the symptoms your child is experiencing and make sure you relay all of them to your doctor because something like a fever can be the deciding factor when your child is being diagnosed.

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