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Militarization of local law enforcement

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We're learning more about the militarization of police, which has been a topic across the country since last month.

The New York Times mapped the spread of the military's surplus gear to local law enforcement over the last 8 years and we have a look at some of the military equipment in our area departments.  

  • Hamilton County has received 21 assault rifles and 4 night-vision pieces since 2006. 
  • Bradley County: 42 assault rifles, 106 pistols and 1 armored vehicle. 
  • McMinn: 110 assault rifles and 72 pistols. 
  • Both Bledsoe and Rhea Counties have received 5 assault rifles.  
  • In Georgia: Catoosa County has been given 13 assault rifles. 
  • Walker County: 15 assault rifles, 5 body armor pieces, 5 shotguns, 3 night-vision pieces and 1 armored vehicle. 
  • Whitfield County has 10 assault rifles and 2 pistols. 

The military-style equipment is taken from a free defense department program -- paid for either by the department or by federal grant money. 

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