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Crime Stoppers: Cold Case Murder of Darius Teague

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This week's Crime Stoppers case goes back 5 years. "There are folks out there that have heard this story and know who was in this vehicle and who shot Darius," explained Chattanooga Police Sgt. Bill Phillips. He is a homicide investigator in the Cold Case division and in this case, there are few clues.

Early on the morning of August 23rd, 2009, Darius Teague and a friend were walking along Slayton Avenue. A light-colored 4-door sedan approached. It was possibly white with slightly tinted windows. Words were exchanged with men in the car. "The car goes up the street turns around and comes back in," said Sgt. Phillips, "and multiple shots were fired."

Both men were hit. Teague, who was just a couple of hours into his 24th birthday, was killed. Because of the darkness of the hour, the seclusion of the street, and a lack of eyewitnesses, there is not much to go on. But, somebody knows something. There are number of reasons people choose to talk and that is what we count on in Crime Stoppers. Plus, we guarantee no one will ever know our tipster's identity. "We are not going to advertise this person told us anything," added Phillips, "so, their information, even if it's known to me, it's gonna be between me and them."

Reward money, justice, whatever your motivation, if you know something, call today.

Sgt. Phillips added, "I spoke with the victim's sister, with Darius's sister, yesterday, who ran to his side, heard the gunshots, ran to his side, and then was with him until he took his last breath." He said she was so appreciative the case was open, being actively investigated, and was going to be the subject of a Crime Stoppers report. "I'm sure that knowing who did this," he continued, "and knowing that someone is going to pay for doing this is going to help."

The Crime Stoppers number is: 423-698-3333

An officer may answer the phone or return your call, but he will never ask your identity.

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