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Specialty stores that sell expired groceries

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(NBC News) - In Louisville, Kentucky, consumers at B & E Salvage are looking for deals on meals.

Seventy-five percent of the grocery items sold here have "best by" or "use by" dates that have already expired, but that's not stopping the shopping.

The store buys products from food brokers, most of the packaged goods have expired within the past few months. 

At a nearby grocery in Louisville we found a 12 ounce bag of coffee selling for $8.99. at B & E Salvage the same coffee, with an expiration date of May 14, sells for $3.99.

At the other grocery, a large box of crackers sells for 4 dollars and 26 cents. at B & E Salvage, the same crackers are 2 boxes for a dollar, with an expiration date of May 14.

Experts caution that some expired products may lose nutritional value and urge common sense. the salvage stores don't sell expired meat products.

Still, bargain hunters say when the prices are right, there's a sweet reward. 

Savvy shoppers, keen on saving money, deciding themselves what's really past its shelf life. 

Consumers are, however, warned not to use baby formula or medicines that have passed their sell by dates, but many packaged goods can live on for a long time. 

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