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East Hamilton teaches 9/11 to 6th graders born after terrorism attacks

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - For many of us, the horrors of 9-11 are still fresh in our memories; the unforgettable images, the unspeakable losses.

But for sixth graders at East Hamilton Middle School, it's history.

Many have grown up on action movies and video games, but when they see the shocking video from the terror attacks, they realize it was real life, with no special effects.

This school year, they've been reading "I am Malala.  The Girl Who Stood up for Education and was shot by the Taliban."  It has opened their eyes to a part of the world they've never known. 

Just weeks removed from elementary school, sixth graders are entering a time of more challenging studies at school, and more responsibility at home.  Even though a series of tragic events from 13 years ago has long been a part of history they've never personally experienced, they know the lessons learned are still relevant and timely.  Especially as they enter adulthood in a world filled with conflict and uncertainty.

Throughout the week, East Hamilton is inviting community members to visit with 6th graders to talk about their personal experiences of 9-11, and the lessons we've learned during the past 13 years. 

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