Neil Grehlinger says the trip has been a long and rewarding one as he's battled the elements to make it from Oregan to South Carolina.

"I wanted to do a cross country bicycle ride just to do it and see the country at a slower pace," said Grehlinger.

Grehlinger is making his way across the country on two wheels.

He's riding from Portland, Oregon to Charleston, South Carolina, totaling close to 44-hundred miles in just 3 months.

With every mile, he's raising money for Veteran's Best Friend, an organization that gives dogs to veterans suffering with PTSD.

"The whole idea there is that the service dog gives the vet something to care for and the love that the dog gives the vet. Then the vet has something more to think about than the psychological trauma that they may have been through," said Grehlinger.

He says the idea just came to him and he knew he needed to do something..

"I felt guilty because during the Afghanistan and Iraq war, woke up and sometimes forgot that we were even in a war and that there were men and women and even kids over there suffering," said Grehlinger.

"I became aware of beyond the physical trauma, the emotional trauma baggage that they were bringing home with them."

He felt this was the perfect way to give back.

"Just one dog, if it made a difference and kept them from doing something, kept them from doing something their family wouldn't want them to do, it would be worth it," said Grehlinger.

Grehlinger rides close to 100 miles a day, and with only 12 days left before his journey is complete, he says he would do it again in a heartbeat.

"It's just been a big adventure and it's proving that this type of thing can be done, when you're somewhat a little bit older," said Grehlinger.

Grehlinger says his goal is to raise $10,000.

So far, 3,600 miles into the trip he says he's only raised a thousand dollars. He's hoping more money will roll in before his last 900 miles are up.

If you'd like to donate to the cause,
. Make sure you attribute the funds to him so the organization will add it to the tally.

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