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UPDATE: Sequestered jury to hear 16-year-old Chattanooga murder case

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A man charged with murdering his wife 16 years ago was back in court Monday morning. A judge ruled to sequester the jury when Adolphus Hollingsworth stands trial in November.

Hollingsworth, 44, is charged with first degree murder. He's accused of murdering his then-wife, Victoria Carr of Chattanooga. Carr went missing in August 1997.

She was last seen tucking her kids into bed at her parents' Highland Park home the night before she vanished.

"They say, 'We need our mama', and it hurts me very bad," Vicky's mother, Theolesten Witherspoon, said in tears after she went missing. According to police documents, Vicky's family suspected foul play involving her husband at the time, Adolphus "Lebron" Hollingsworth.

Police found her body in the woods on Billy Goat Hill in east Chattanooga almost two years after she went missing. Carr had been stabbed to death.

The murder was unsolved for 16 years, but Chattanooga Police solved the case with the help of the TNT television series "Cold Justice." Hollingsworth was arrested in Amarillo, Texas in January.

Hollingsworth is represented by Steve Brown of the Hamilton County Public Defender's Office. In the motion for sequestered jury, the defense notes the case has drawn extensive media coverage, both nationally and locally. "In order to receive a fair and impartial trial, it is imperative that the jury be sequestered and that prospective jurors be individually examined concerning any exposure to the media surrounding this case," the motion reads.

Before jury selection begins, prospective jurors will fill out a short questionnaire regarding media exposure to the case.

"They could just answer those five or six questions and turn those questionnaires in," Brown told Judge Rebecca Stern.

"I don't like those long, lengthy individual voir dires," Stern replied.  "I mean, obviously if a juror indicates some problem, I have no problem individually voir dire-ing somebody."

Hollingsworth remains in Hamilton County Jail. His trial is scheduled for November 4.
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