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Caught on Cam: Teens Attack Man With Mental Disability

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(NBC Philadelphia) - Videos of brutal attacks on a man with a mental disability led to the arrests of two teenagers in Delaware.

While police suspect the attacks occurred several weeks ago, videos of the assaults made the rounds on Instagram after they were posted on Friday.

One video shows a teenager chasing after the man in front of an apartment complex. The man runs away from the teen, begging for him to leave him alone. 

The teen then grabs the man and body slams him to the ground as he screams out in agony. The teen then punches and kicks him in the head as his friends laugh in the background.

Two other videos show the teens attacking the same man in a wooded area. One video shows a teen once again body slamming the man to the ground as his friends laugh. The other video shows the teens punching and pushing the man to the ground.

The videos inspired a massive social media response and the clips quickly went viral.

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