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99 cans of beer in a box?

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(KXAN) - The Austin Beerworks 99-pack of beer is getting attention nationally and internationally.

It's popularity also has customers in it's home town of Austin, Texas competing to stake their claim to a pack.

Fresh Plus held a lotteries for which customers got to buy the packs at each of its stores Thursday.

"It was definitely a joke," said Austin Beerworks co-founder Michael Graham. "I would consider it a joke. And it's one that just took off on its own and now we have to kind of treat it seriously."

Graham says the idea came from an attempt to re-brand its Peacemaker beer.

"That's kind of been the catchphrase: never underestimate the power of a stupid idea," said Graham. "We're getting requests from Germany and Italy and basically, you name it."

So are there other wild ideas in the beer company's future?

“I think we're done with crazy ideas for a while,” said Graham. “Maybe the two-pack sounds great. I think I can handle that.”

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