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Policy changes to happen at Chattanooga Public Library

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - Policy changes are on the way at the Chattanooga Public Library. Director Corrine Hill addressed board members during an open meeting held Friday morning to review a recent audit.

Those who attended had many questions, like what action would be taken towards two employees, Systems Administrator Meg Backus and Administrative Director Nate Hill, who were suspected of submitting false time cards or getting paid more for vacation days than they had earned.

Corrine Hill did admit to making several mistakes but didn't mention that she may face disciplinary action herself.

Hill did say, however, she recently gave back $972 of over-payments made to her personal bank account.

After reading the memorandum, Hill offered her recommendations to make improvements.

She suggested automating all records, adopting the city of Chattanooga's personnel  policies, conducting an annual audit given by a private source and providing ongoing training to help make sure job responsibilities line up with their staff's skills.

Director Hill tells Channel 3, "I accepted Meg Backus's resignation. Nate Hill is being suspended. There will be a hearing for Mr. Hill so he can be heard. I take full responsibility for what happened and will do whatever it takes to fix it."
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