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Florida Restaurant Bans Ketchup for Any Customer Over Age 10

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NBC News - You want ketchup on that burger? Sorry, not allowed.

At Mad Fresh Bistro in Fort Myers, Florida, chef and owner Xavier Duclos is refusing to serve the condiment to any customer over the age of 10, and people are, unsurprisingly, not taking it well, reports NBC affiliate WBBH.

Duclos, born in New York and raised in France, spent two years studying fine French cuisine and wants customers to trust his cooking capabilities, even on a menu that includes burgers and fries.

"We know, we know. People love their ketsup," says the restaurant's website. "But honestly, be ready. If you're over 10 years old, ketsup will NOT be provided. Similarly, salt won't be making an appearance next to your meal, either. We simply ask that you trust us. We know what we're doing! Part of the MAD experience is to trust the chef, and not have preconceived notions of what your dish is going to need."

Ketchup, as you may remember, is no longer the most popular condiment in America. In February, it was passed by mayonnaise in sales. (While some may put salsa in that category, Euromonitor categorizes it as a dip, not a condiment.)
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