A U.S. District Court Judge sentenced two Chattanooga men to federal prison for trafficking kilogram quantities of crack cocaine for resale.

Ladarius Lebron Blunt, 27, was sentenced to serve 188 months, and Jeremy Jermaine Whatley, 29, was sentenced to serve 60 months in federal prison by U.S. District Court Judge J. Ronnie Greer in Greenville, TN Wednesday.

Both Blunt and Whatley were previously convicted of conspiracy to distribute crack cocaine.   

In 2011, an investigation began on a large-scale crack cocaine conspiracy originating out of Chattanooga.

Several individuals, including Blunt and Whatley, trafficked large quantities of crack cocaine to Johnson City for resale according to a news release from the United States Attorney William C. Killian Eastern District of Tennessee.  

Private vehicles, taxi cabs, and public transportation were used to transport the drugs.  

Many of the coconspirators had ties to street gangs based in Chattanooga, including the Rollin' 60's Crips and the Woodlawn Crips.  

Upon arrival in Johnson City, Blunt, Whatley and others would distribute their drugs, return to Chattanooga with their drug sale proceeds, purchase additional drugs, and the repeated the cycle.  

One co-conspirator will be sentenced in Greeneville. Officials say that “Numerous others are being prosecuted in Chattanooga.”

This case part of Project Safe Neighborhoods and Department of Justice's Organized Crime and Drug Enforcement Task Force.