EPB is warning customers of a door-to-door scam involving people impersonating EPB Fiber Optics employees.

Two men have approached residents claiming other providers have merged and that EPB Fiber Optics is offering a discount for Internet and TV services if they sign up and pay right away. EPB officials say this is a scam, they do not use door-to-door solicitation for service or to collect payments.

Also, EPB customers continue to be targeted by telephone scams, where they are told their electric service will be disconnected unless immediate payments are made with a reloadable debit card.

EPB does give courtesy calls to remind customers of past due accounts, but does not ask customers to make immediate payments with pre-paid debit cards.

If you get a visit from these door-to-door solicitors call police and give a description of the imposters.  If you should get a call from a person claiming to represent EPB demanding immediate payment should call them at 423-648-1372.