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Cleveland school using multi-purpose drone

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 CLEVELAND, TN (WRCB) - The Cleveland Raiders dome is no more, but as the school system works to build a new gym, students are keeping a close eye, even from the sky.

Cleveland High School invested in a drone, a mini copter with a camera. It will  survey the progress on the dome and administrators have discovered it will perform several other tasks.   

The Cleveland High School broadcast program ranks among the top viewed in the nation and it's really starting to lift off with a new piece of technology that's serving not only as a teaching too, but also helping the maintenance crew.

Students are reaching a new level of learning hundreds of feet above the classroom.

"Try to get shots that you really just couldn't get without this," CHS student Luke Stone said.

Broadcast students are taking ownership of the new quadcopter as they keep classmates and school officials up to date on the dome transformation, starting with the demolition.

"There was a fence around the area so we couldn't take a camera in to shoot but we could fly over it," CHS broadcast instructor Jon Sounders said.

Cleveland City Schools is still collecting bids on constructing the new facility with a plan to start building next month. The maintenance department is also partnering with the broadcast program to identify issues all around the school.

"So if there's a leak in a classroom they can pull up our aerial shot and say well there's standing water right here in this area let's examine that," Sounders said.

He says this technology inspires students about their options after graduation.

"Interested in filming more extreme sports, you know like skiing and mountain biking," Stone said.

"I realize that I want to major in communications at Lee University and I'm going to hopefully be in some kind of PR," CHS student Meridieth Cook said.

"Just something that kind of interested me, making videos with my buddies. I didn't think it would grow this big," CHS student Chase Henderson said.

From the media, to lawyers and developers, many industries are anxious to incorporate drones into their businesses. These students hope this experience helps them land on a good career path.

CHS has been contacted by schools from across the country who are taking note of their "quadcopter."

The Federal Aviation Administration is still developing regulations on the public's use.

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