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Speed cited in Murray fatal accident

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MURRAY COUNTY, GA (WRCB) - Speed and driver inexperience.  The two factors highlighted in the Georgia State Patrol's accident report on last Thursday's fatal rollover crash involving a pick up truck with four teens, and a 57-year old man killed when the teens' truck left the roadway and fatally struck him on a lawn mower.

"I'm pretty shocked, the poor man was just driving and the kids were speeding and having fun, I'm sad," says Dalton's Camelia Cabral.

Despite the state of Georgia beefing up the requirements for licensing teen drivers, folks we spoke to Wednesday think the state could do a better job.

"I personally just think the driving test on the road is a little too easy," says 20-year old Kristopher Mullins.

"I think they should start the driving limit at 18, yeah, kids are more mature then," opines Cabral.

"On young drivers, as far as long as the education is adequate, I don't see a problem," says Mullins.

In 1997, Georgia instituted TADRA, the teen and adult driver responsibility act.  It was passed to combat accidents such as the one last week in Murray County, but a review of the accident report shows the 17-year old driver had 3 passengers under 21 years of age who were unrelated to him, which is at odds with TADRA requirements.

The teens killed in the crash were the driver, River Sosebee, passengers Joshua Roberts and Chelsie Hullander.
One teen passenger, Alexia Marie Pinson survived.
Also killed was the driver of the lawn mower, 57-year old Bryan Bartley.
No charges will be filed in the case.

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