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Police: 2-Year-Old Solves Two Burglaries by Finding Cell Phone

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ATHENS, TN (WRCB) - An Athen's toddler is being credited for solving not one, but two burglary cases. Police say the 2-year-old found an important piece of evidence left behind by the suspect.

Two-year-old Braydon's mother Shamara Asbury says she is thankful her son had his eyes open last Wednesday. The toddler's actions helped police recover stolen items that were taken from her vehicle, as well as a local business.

Asbury, who is a mother of three, told Channel 3 Eyewitness News she was stunned to find someone had broken into her car.

"I walked around their side and got in and as I sat down I realized the C.D. player was gone," said Asbury. " I sad down and just kind of sat there in silence, I didn't say anything..i just froze."

In a panic, Asbury quickly checked to see if anything else was missing.

"(Not) Everybody has money like that to replace radios and windows that you're breaking," said one neighbor. "This is a single mother you are talking about."

Asbury's 2-year-old son Braydon, noticed something out of place. He unbuckled himself .then reached for a cell phone lying on the floorboard. Police say the phone left behind was traced back to the suspected car burglar Rentay Davis, 25 of Athens.

"We don't get many burglaries solved by somebody dropping their cell phone," said Detective Josh Rhodes, Athens Police. "' It definitely makes our investigation easier, it's kind of hard to explain why it is there and you weren't."

"it's basically like leaving our ID in the car," said one neighbor. "It's like robbing a bank and dropping your wallet with all of you information in it."

Investigators say Davis' picture was set to be the phone's background, making it easier for officers to identify him when he came back to the scene to get his phone.

"I didn't know what to think," said Det. Rhodes. "The suspect that was actually arrested, as the officer was leaving, he showed up and spoke to the officer briefly."

Detective Rhodes says because 2-year-old Braydon found the phone quickly, in addition to this car burglary officers connected Davis to another burglary inside the Mr. Fix It Auto Shop. Police say a flat screen T.V was reportedly taken from the shop just hours before Ms Asbury's car was broken into.

"He definitely did a good job that was good for him to find the phone and give it to his mom," said Rhodes.

"He loves phones he plays with my phone all the time so yea I guess its kind of a blessing that he loves phones," said Asbury.

Officers say davis later confessed to taking the T.V. and Stereo. He is charged with two counts of burglary and one county of theft under 500.

Police were able to recover the stolen T.V. and Stereo. Ms. Asbury says Mr. Fix it's Auto Shop helped re-install her stereo . Braydon's mother tells Channel 3, he got a big bowl of ice cream for all of his help.
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