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UPDATE: Two students charged with felony vandalism are now in custody

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TRENTON, GA (WRCB) - UPDATE: Two Dade County High School students charged with felony vandalism against their own school are now in the Dade County Jail.  They turned themselves in Wednesday afternoon. 

Trenton Police Detective Tim Mitchell says 18-year-old Timothy Ashley Sutton and 17-year-old Logan Blaine Haley confessed to the crimes in a police interview. Detectives were lead to Sutton and Haley after receiving a tip from someone who recognized the duo from school surveillance images.

Felony warrants have been issued against both on charges of criminal interference with government property and second degree criminal damage. They are expected to turn themselves in at 5 p.m. Both are considered adults in the state of Georgia.

PREVIOUS STORY: Vandals defaced one North Georgia school upsetting the whole community. They were spotted by surveillance cameras. Now detectives are asking for the public's help identifying these criminals.

Trenton Police say two white males either in their late teens or early twenties are to blame for spray painting profane images and words all over Dade County High School and the field house in the wee hours Monday morning. They hope someone recognizes the duo and reports them.

"It's very disheartening and you feel very violated," Dade County Schools Superintendent Cherie Swader said.

Graffiti covers Dade County High School. Most of it is too obscene to show. Black spray paint is everywhere, from the brick exterior, to the doors, windows, sidewalks, even the signs.

"We take this very seriously. This is a public building and this is a very serious thing. We take this as being an image of our city," Trenton Police Department Detective Tim Mitchell said.

School surveillance cameras captured two suspects dressed in hoodies. One appears to be in a mask, but detectives are confident someone will recognize them, or has heard them bragging.

"I think we have enough that we will be able to find out who it is and we will be able to prosecute with it," Det. Mitchell said.

The letters "NSM" are marked in several places. Dade County's football team beat North Sand Mountain High School in Friday night's game.

"What we're having to assume at this point is probably because of football season," Det. Mitchell said.

But School Superintendent Cherie Swader thinks the spray-painted initials are only there to point blame in the wrong direction.

"I don't think it's North Sand Mountain people. We have such a great relationship and I just don't feel like it has anything to do with them," Swader said.

Detectives say once they catch the culprits, they'll charge them with felony vandalism due to how many areas of the school they hit. They also busted through a front window, but didn't go inside the school. Officials assume the alarm scared them off.

"Why? I'd love for them just to come sit down with me in my office and just tell me why," Swader said.

The vandals also slashed the tires of a couple motorized carts parked beside the football field.

If you have information that could help investigators in this case, call the Trenton Police Department Detective Tim Mitchell at (706) 657-4167.
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