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Forever Family: Matthew and Megan

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All of us need unconditional love and a true sense of belonging and in turn, giving that to children is the best gift to help them grow up healthy.

Today's Forever Family features a brother and sister, 9-year-old Matthew and 7-year-old Megan, who will flourish in the right home.  

Matthew and Megan are fun-loving, energetic and inquisitive. 

Both do well in school.  Matthew likes animals and wants to be a farmer, Megan likes girly things and loves crafts.  She has her own style and likes to pick out her own clothes.

They also like to be helpful around the house and take part in family activities.

Their counselor says they need a supportive and patient family that will take the time to really bond with them both.  They need a two parent home with structure, routine and positive expectations. 

Those who know them best describe Matthew and Megan as lovable and compassionate.
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