Before summer school started, Newark, California high school teacher Krista Arata tweeted that she was:

"So happy to be done w/school for 10 days." 

Which would have been fine, but the tweet continued,  "especially to be away from the ones who truly try my patience and make my trigger finger itchy."

And later, 

"Ya'll think you can hate us teachers? Guess what, we feel the same about some of you. We're just not allowed to show it. #isecretlyhateyou"

The secret was out with additional tweets, some laced with profanity, about how Arata wanted to pour coffee on some students, and see others get, "hit by a car."

Before the summer semester ended, she tweeted.

"I already wanna stab some kids. Is that bad?"

Kenneth Beck, student, Newark Memorial High School, "from what I read, it wasn't something a teacher would say."

When the school district found out, they tell NBC news, "a thorough investigation was conducted [and] ... the district did, in fact, to take action."

That action was reportedly a written reprimand and Miss Arata kept on teaching. 

Many parents demanded a harsher punishment.  Vanessa Chavez, parent, "I think she should be fired, she should be let go, she shouldn't be able to work with children. If you really feel that way, then find something else to do."

Students who say they know the popular teacher well flocked to her defense.

Gabrielle Jones, student, Newark Memorial High School, "Ms. Arata has said she is so sorry and she apologizes for it, she started crying today because of how bad people are talking about her."

The fate of the tweeting teacher may now be in the hands of police, who admit, they learned what happened last.

Mike Carroll, Commander, Newark Police Department, "We found out about it this morning via the media. We'll be interviewing people and determine if there was a criminal violation at that point."

A police spokesperson says the department was shocked the school district never notified them.  Police say they now want to talk to the teacher.