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Chattanooga Public Library Update

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) - A case of suspected fraud has landed leaders at the Chattanooga Public Library in hot water. According to a city audit, Library Director Corrine Hill is being criticized for weeks of unreported vacation and she's not the only one under fire. 

Auditor Stan Sewell says, several people called the city's hotline to report their concerns.  He says, this prompted them to take a closer look at the books revealing employees were getting paid for more vacation than they earned.  

Leave time was also not consistently applied to all staff and over payments were made on travel reimbursements. In one case, Hill was reimbursed twice by mistake and she never paid back $972.

The memorandum also listed another library employee who admitted to submitting false time cards.

Chattanooga Public Library Board member Jim Kennedy says, “we are taking the audit very serious and will do what it takes to make it right.”

Channel 3 reached out to Corrine Hill.  She said, “No Comment.” The employees named in the audit have not been disciplined. Those decisions could come after the emergency meeting the board is having September 5. 

At this time, the District Attorney's Office is not involved but the audit has been forwarded to the state.

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