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Audit of Chattanooga Library shows suspected fraud

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Leaders at the Chattanooga Public Library could be in hot water for suspected fraud.

According to the audit filed by City Auditor Stan Sewell, Library Director Corinne Hill is being criticized for weeks of unreported vacation and excess reimbursements for at least two overseas trips.

Two other top employees have also been reported to the state for suspected fraud.  

Stan Sewell, the City Auditor, said in his eight-page report that timesheets, calendars, travel expenditures and accrued-leave documentation were examined, and employees were interviewed during the auditing process.

Other points alleged in the audit are:

  • Employees took vacation that was not reported
  • Performed outside consulting/speaking engagements on paid library time
  • Leave policies not applied consistently to all staff
  • Timesheets not reviewed or approved
  • Overpayments made on travel reimbursement expenses

At least one city council member says he's seen the audit.  The issue is expected to be discussed at next week's board meeting.  

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