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Spiders a creeping problem in Tennessee

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Several species of spiders call Tennessee home -- including two poisonous ones. That keeps exterminator Ola Philips and pediatrician Dr. Tanya Cox busy.

Brown recluse and black widow spiders prefer to hide in dark areas. In homes, these spiders are sometimes found in closets, attics, wood piles, inside shoes and hanging clothes especially between March and October, Phillips said. Doors, fireplaces and windows should be treated for spiders.

Phillips says treatments can include putting glue traps down or rubbing a solution made from vinegar, ammonia and water around openings.

Dr. Cox says sometimes people mistake spider bites for mosquito bites.

The difference?

A poisonous spider bite will be painful to touch and develop into a wound, she said.

 "That's something you probably need to get checked out," Cox said.

 Non-poisonous bites will be slightly raised and itch.

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