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Dalton Police asks 'serial flasher' victims to come forward

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DALTON, WHITFIELD COUNTY - A 'serial flasher' is now behind bars in Whitfield County. Dalton Police say over the past six months, an 18-year-old man has been arrested multiple times for indecent exposure and is now facing felony charges.

According to police, the man exposed himself earlier this month at a public park. The latest incident happened outside a beauty school off Shugart Road.

Dalton Police say 18-year-old Edwin Fulkerson was already on probation for public indecency charges when they say he exposed himself again in a beauty school parking lot. Police are asking any other victims to come forward as they build their case against him.

Eighteen-year-old Edwin Fulkerson is accused of exposing and touching himself while sitting in a car outside a beauty school in Dalton.

"He don't need to be doing that. There could be kids walking around and see that stuff. Kids don't need to be witnessing that stuff. That's just not right at all," says Jessica Long, who works next to the beauty school.

A woman at the school called police saying she saw Fulkerson in the parking lot doing something indecent while staring at her and then drove off. She says he then came back later in the day, in different clothes, to get a haircut at the salon.   

"That was kind of stupid, especially since they knew who he was and he come back. I don't see why he would come back and get a hair cut after he done that," says Long.

"He had been convicted on at least three other cases," says Dalton Police Sgt. Matthew Locke.

Locke says Fulkerson was arrested twice in March for exposing himself in public, then again in June. The teen is now tied to an August 5th report of a man standing next to a tree in Civitan Park around five in the morning, flashing a woman walking by.

"I can't understand why anybody would want to do that," says park-goer Patricia Hardson.

Hardson says Fulkerson needs help.

"It sounds like a psychological thing. Sounds like he needs some counseling or something," says Hardson.

"If there are any more victims that come forward, then we can compile all the cases at once," says Locke.

Locke says because of his multiple offenses, Fulkerson is now facing a felony charge.

"We just, you know, any time you see anything unusual, whether you think it's minor or major incident, just report it and let us try to figure out what's going on. That way, we can get ahead of the curve on most of these cases," says Locke.

"They need to get him off the streets and I'm glad they did," says Long.

In the state of Georgia, after three or more public indecency convictions the misdemeanor charges are upgraded to a felony. Fulkerson is facing a minimum of one year in prison and can serve up to five.

Fulkerson is in the Whitfield County jail being held without bond.

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