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VW employees may have another choice at unionizing

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CHATTANOOGA, TN (WRCB) -  Employees at the Volkswagen plant in Chattanooga may soon have another choice when it comes to unionizing.

“We want employees to be represented at Volkswagen because Volkswagen wants a works council and they have to have some type of union to do it,” Mike Burton said.

Burton has worked as a base coat inspector at VW for three and a half years.

He says workers don’t support the United Auto Workers Union because of the fees the organization charges.

“Most of those fees would go out of state and to fund things we aren’t a part of,” Burton added.

Even though the UAW was voted down in February, employees fear the union may be setting up shop inside the plant anyway.

“We’re horrified that Volkswagen would allow that, so we’re treating it just as it is: a rumor. We’ll find out tomorrow at our team meeting whether that’s announced if that will happen or not,” he said.

But Burton says plant employees do want to unionize, just not with UAW.

He believes the UAW violated the election agreement after forming a local chapter last month.

“For them to come back after just five months, shows they are willing to break any promise that they’ve ever made,” Burton said.

This week, Burton helped create the American Council of Employees; a union that will be run by plant employees.

They need about 500 signatures from hourly employees in order to be recognized by VW.

Burton says they received more than 100 signatures on Monday alone and collected more on Tuesday.

Burton says this union isn’t just for hourly employees, salary workers can join as well.

For more information about the American Council of Employees, click here
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